Green Fingers Not Required

Everyone loves to be given something unusual but cool gifts around this time of year
so if you are stuck why not consider this unusual gift for the gardener or maybe even
the non gardener who has tried but struggled to grow anything worthwhile.
It is a plant that will plays dead one second & then grows again the next. It is also
known as the sleepy plant or sensative plant and even touch me not, but its actual name
is Mimosa pudica closes its leaves when touched and appears to die.

But to grow all you need is a little water, in the imagage above it is contained in peat
pellets which with water added will expand forming its own pot and soil. Its a truly unique
plant which can be grown all year round, but there is one more important feature of this
plant and its worth remembering because it is in fact a weed. So Do Not let it loose in
your garden otherwise you may well regret it.