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What’s New In 2018

What’s New In 2018 According To CES 2018

Things are getting real interesting this year!

Things are happening that we considered “Space Age” just a few short years ago.

But let’s take a look at what may be on the cards in the very near future. Its already happening to a degree, just look at Alexa and a whole host of machines and technical products that can adjust your heating, turn it on or off and maybe the lights etc.

So, as you leave your apartment, your air conditioner or lights turn off or on. Or if a motion sensor detects a person in the house, like your house cleaner, it sends an alert to your phone just to let you know. But there again you would really want to know if it was a burgular wouldn’t you. Another scenerio would be as you arrive home, a camera recognizes exactly who you are and the door automatically unlocks, just as it does on some prestige vehicles.

As I mentioned earlier even the smaller tech companies have teamed up with companies such as Amazon to bring voice-controlled smarts to their products. Devices like light bulbs, another favourite is hitting the homes with automated or robotic Vacuum Cleaner, home security systems and even coffee makers will work with Alexa.

Added to this, there are hundreds of companies which have developed “Skills,” or third-party apps, that will work in tandem with Alexa’s voice commands. Even the music sector  have got in on the action, Sonos, a top rated brand in music products, have released a speaker with Alexa functionality built in.

But what’s fueling interest in Alexa? Amazon’s success with Echo, the smart speakers enabled with the personal assistant. Amazon said last month that it sold tens of millions of Echo devices over the holiday season. Strategy Analytics, a research firm, estimates that 68 percent of voice-controlled speakers sold last year worked with Alexa.Its a coupling made in heaven.

Other tech giants want a piece of that pie too. In 2016, Google introduced Home, an artificially intelligent speaker to rival the Echo. The search giant will have a large presence at CES, where the company is also expected to highlight accessories that work with its Home speaker and Google Assistant.

Apple this year will release HomePod, a speaker that relies on Siri, the Apple assistant, to control some smart home accessories. And Samsung Electronics, the South Korean manufacturer, it is expected to unveil a major upgrade for Bixby, its virtual assistant, later this year.

Now tech companies are looking to push internet connectivity beyond products in your home, they will be looking at The automotive industy, even garage spaces, like they have in Japan. They have a real problem with getting car parking spaces, they now have tech which can sense whether cars are occupying a space or not and whether there is available space to allow the owner to get parked safely.

You see in Japan that has been a major problem for years and to a degree they have facilities where 3 or more cars can share the same spot, to get their car out they give notice and the vehicle is dialled out ready to go. They have worked out several innovative solutions over the years.

So now, they have a system where cars are able to sense whether cars are occupying them, and can then alert people when spots free up. Or a home garbage can that can notify a waste collection facility when the container is full, or street lamps planted throughout a city that could monitor air quality or the same street lamps that will remain on if there is a certain degree of darkness like under a bridge, will remain on.

The future is bright, but new technology is going to be brighter, so just embrace it.